Someone removed the panic button from Ayanna Pressley’s office before the Capitol attack

The details coming out of last week’s U.S. Capitol domestic terrorist attack continue to grow more disturbing. And the uglier this gets, the more it’s beginning to look like the terrorists had some sort of inside help from people in the building.

Sarah Groh, Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, now says that when she attempted to use the “panic button” in Pressley’s office, the entire unit had been ripped out of the wall, rendering it unusable. This comes after Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, hinted during a live stream last night that she had a very close call with regard to her safety during the attack. It all suggests that the “Squad” was being targeted specifically by Trump’s invaders.

Last night Democratic Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill announced that she saw unnamed House Republicans giving “reconnaissance tours” to the Capitol invaders the day before their attack, suggesting that some House Republicans weren’t just inciters, but domestic terrorism co-conspirators.

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