These House Republicans are unbelievably dangerous

If these Republicans want “unity” they can start by giving up the names of the specific House and Senate Republicans who were conspiring with the terrorists, so they can stand criminal trial. Then we can talk unity with the remaining Republicans who didn’t commit terrorism.

Matt Gaetz is up there ranting about the “Biden crime family” during Trump’s impeachment. Gaetz should be expelled.

Mike Pence could still stop this right now by invoking the 25th Amendment. Instead he’s hiding behind the ludicrous argument that he somehow doesn’t have the power to do it. Pence is one of the biggest cowards in American history. Keep that in mind when he reemerges in four years and tries to run for President under the guise of being some kind of reasonable patriotic American.

There are several Republicans in the House who aren’t psychologically stable enough to hold a job at Wendy’s. If you wouldn’t trust them to make a hamburger, why would you trust them to make laws?

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