Bad news for Steve Bannon

Good news from the January Sixth Committee. As you know, many subpoenas have gone out. Some people are said to be cooperating with the committee, which is excellent. But there are a few who are not. The leader in obstruction appears to be Steve Bannon (insane, insurrection party.)

Bannon has indicated he will defy the subpoena. He has claimed executive privilege, which is odd because Biden is the President, not Trump. Of course, Bannon knows this and is just playing for time.

And there has been much buzz that the committee will let him get away with it. How that buzz started, I do not know. But this “buzz” was picked up by the media, of course. And faster than one could say “fake news,” it was all over the place.

The fact is the January Sixth committee is NOT letting anyone get away with anything. And a member of that committee, Adam Schiff, has confirmed this to be a fact. Schiff appeared on CBS and basically confirmed what we knew anyway — the committee has no intention of letting Bannon — or anyone who engages in obstruction — get away with their actions.

“We are prepared to go forward and urge the Justice Department to criminally prosecute anyone who does not do their lawful duty.”

Way to go, Adam! This is excellent news as few things would please me more than seeing Steve Bannon in prison. But in any event, the committee is standing strong and has no intention of letting the Trump sycophants evade justice once again.