Kevin McCarthy didn’t do himself any favors with this ridiculous new interview

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While the GOP is looking to change the focus of the midterms on the current state of the economy, they’re already beginning to overplay their hand. On Tuesday, while interviewed by Punchbowl News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made it clear that if Republicans retake the House, we’ll be seeing a scenario at least as bad as when they led to an embarrassing government shutdown a decade ago by holding the debt ceiling hostage, as he went on a tirade about the current debt limit.

Pressed on whether or not McCarthy would look at cutting Medicare and Social Security in order to meet the debt limit, he reiterated that nothing was off the table – which is shorthand for the real GOP promise to America: They’re coming for both your Medicare and your Social Security – policies they’ve largely been against ever since they were first legislated into law. The stakes have never been higher – as a Republican takeover of Congress would mean knocking down all the progress that was made in this country over much of the 20th century. As we go into the final weeks of this election, it needs to be said to every potential voter that Republicans plan to do this – and do it just to make people suffer – as going after neither of these things would do much to bring down the debt ceiling.

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