Little Marco Rubio comes up short against Val Demings


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Marco Rubio (wimp, insurrection party, Florida) couldn’t answer a single question while debating Val Demings. Little Marco is out of practice when it comes to debates — and it showed. I think it’s fair to say Val Demings demolished the quivering little chicken. I think it’s also fair to say that so far, our candidates are smashing it on the donate stage.

That is good, but we still need to do more as we go forward. Of all the states, Florida is the one I worry about the most. Demings is about as perfect a candidate as we could ever find. She is also one of the great debaters.

Little Marco was visibly nervous on stage with her. He attempted to cover for the fact that he favors a national abortion ban.

It didn’t work, though. Demings held his feet to the fire. Rubio also persisted in saying gun laws don’t work — a response that was likely signed, stamped, and approved by the NRA.

I hold a special loathing for Rubio. I will never forget his palpable fear when confronted by parkland survivors and how badly he failed them. There also isn’t a lazier Senator around than little Marco. I really sometimes do wonder if he sleeps on Twitter.

The man’s always on here, tweeting bible verses and insulting Democrats but never offering one solution of his own. Demings was fiery, strong, and passionate as she confronted Rubio about the gun issue.

“How long will you watch people being gunned down in first grade, fourth grade, high school, college, church, the synagogue, a grocery store, a movie theater, a mall, and a nightclub – and do nothing?” she asked.


Watching Demings, I was struck by how utterly comfortable she is in her own skin. She wears self-confidence well. Rubio sadly does not. So in these dwindling weeks it’s time to step it up for Val Demings. I so want to be able to say, “Senator Demings won.” Let’s make that a reality.



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