Donald Trump has bizarre late night meltdown involving President Obama and Ken Starr

Donald Trump wasted yet another day today, failing to do anything to close his deficit in the polls, as he now runs the danger of running out of days. Instead of doing anything to try to turn around his losing campaign, Trump is instead hallucinating about President Obama and – for some reason – former special prosecutor Ken Starr. Trump tweeted this nonsense:

The Obama Administration was not out to get the facts, they were out to “get Trump”. Ken Starr…And got caught red handed – All of them. “Trump was right”, they said!

Well, some of those words go together, but not most of them. We think he’s quoting Ken Starr, but if so, it’s unclear why he’s referring to Starr as “they.” In any case, there’s no reason for anyone to care what Starr, who is most famous for being out to “get Bill Clinton,” might have to say about the current situation. Trump is wasting his time on hallucinatory nonsense, which is why he’s losing.

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