Joe Biden just nailed it

By threatening to remain in office after he loses, Donald Trump is trying to scare people into thinking there’s no way to defeat him, so they won’t bother to vote against him. In reality Trump can’t just magically remain in the White House after Joe Biden has been sworn in; at that point the Secret Service would drag Trump out for trespassing. Trump knows this, and he’s just trying to scare us into despair and inaction.

Fortunately, Joe Biden is showing precisely the kind of leadership we need in this scenario. Yes, he’s got lawyers lined up around the block to make sure any feeble legal challenge by Trump gets shut down. But Biden is making a point of telling the American people not to worry about Trump’s empty threats.


Biden is dismissing the stunt as a “typical Trump distraction” and pointing out that “I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere,” in a new NBC News interview. This is exactly how you handle something like this. Now is not a time for toxic behavior like panicking, fretting, or fatalism – which can cause us to lose an election we would have otherwise won. Now is a time for voter registration, phone banking, and volunteering – the things that actually win elections.

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