Trump stooge Kelly Loeffler goes completely off the rails in Georgia Senate runoff race

On Tuesday, because things haven’t exactly been going well for Sen. Kelly Loeffler who’s fighting to keep her Senate seat, she decided to falsely accuse her opponent, Rev. Raphael Warnock, of supporting “socialized medicine” since he supports Joe Biden’s plan to set up a public option for health insurance.
The problem with her tweet is that she ended up only embarrassing herself further, revealing that she doesn’t know what a public option is, as she claimed Warnock would let the government take over healthcare. The entire point of there being a public option is for it to exist as an alternative to private health insurance plans. The federal government is already in charge of Medicare and coverage received through the Veterans Administration – two things that Loeffler claims she supports because it would be politically suicidal for her to say she’s not.

It’s also not the first time that she’s attacked Warnock for his position on healthcare, suggesting that she doesn’t have much else to work with – especially since most voters trust Biden on healthcare over Donald Trump. Trump’s loss – of Georgia and the White House – is also having something of a domino effect, leading Trump to turn on the governor who appointed Loeffler and the secretary of state – and there’s not a particularly great chance that Donald Trump will be willing to come down to the state and stump for her.

The longer Trump refuses to concede, the uglier this will get for the GOP – and there are many voters who only turned out last time because Trump was on the ticket. This is likely to be a close race, something the polling already indicates – but the polling in Georgia was pretty accurate in the general election, and right now the momentum appears to be on our side. Donate if you can to help Rev. Raphael Warnock win his senate race on January 5!

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