It’s all over for Donald Trump but the noise

– Donald Trump’s track record is that of a guy who tepidly waits too long to make a decision, until circumstances make the decision for him, all while loudly trying to create the illusion of being a strongman. There is no reason to expect actual fireworks at the end of all this, just a ton of noise that he hopes you’ll confuse for fireworks.

– President Biden is considering Karine Jean-Pierre or Symone Sanders for White House Press Secretary, according to NBC. Either would be fantastic. They’re both smart, savvy, honest. Imagine having a White House Press Secretary who doesn’t just lie to us all day!

– Trump’s endgame is pretty straightforward. He wants to grift as much money as possible on his way out the door so he can use it for his legal defense at trial. And he hopes to scare prosecutors into giving him an immunity deal in exchange for going quietly. That’s pretty much it.


– Trump’s decision to only pay for a recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties isn’t some secret evil genius plan. It’s not going to magically change the outcome. He’s just saving $5 million, and it’ll buy him just as much time for his grift as if he’d recounted the entire state.

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