So this is how it ends

So this is how it ends for Donald Trump, not with a bang but with a cash shortage. Because Wisconsin isn’t particularly close, the state told Donald Trump he’d have to pay for a recount himself if he wanted one. This put him in a tricky situation.

Trump is doing this “contesting the election” stunt to fundraise money and pocket it, so did he really want to waste $8 million on a recount that would merely result in him losing Wisconsin twice? After all, Trump needs this money for when he leaves office and his creditors squeeze him even as he has to mount a criminal defense team ahead of his inevitable trial in New York on state charges.

On the other hand, if Trump declined to do a Wisconsin recount, he’d be admitting he lost, and he might immediately face difficulty with fundraising. But now CNN is reporting that Trump has merely decided to pay for recounts in two Wisconsin counties, Milwaukee and Dane. This will cost him just $3 million instead of $8 million. It’ll likely take just as long as if they’d recounted the entire state, meaning he gets to drag things out just as long, and saves $5 million.


But wow is this ever embarrassing. Donald Trump, an alleged billionaire, is clearly facing a cash crunch. What kind of billionaire has to think twice about picking up an $8 million tab on something that he claims could alter the outcome of the election? In reality, this recount will turn up nothing that will close Trump’s 20,000 vote deficit in the state; it’ll just buy him a few more days of fundraising. So this is how it ends: pathetically.

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