Another Donald Trump mess that Joe Biden is quickly setting right

– With President-elect Joe Biden picking so many Obama administration veterans for his foreign policy and national security positions, it’s set off a debate about whether we’re heading back to Obama-era foreign policy or if this will be a new era. The answer is probably somewhere in between; it’s not the same world it was in 2008. In any case, it’ll be nice for the United States to finally have a foreign policy that isn’t centered around which countries the President owes money to.

– That awkward moment when Donald Trump announced today that he was going to pardon a turkey, and his henchmen all got their hopes up that he was referring to them.

– In an new TV ad, Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock managed to cleverly compare Kelly Loeffler’s lies about him to, well, you’ll see:

– From a Palmer Report reader: can we get Trump to leave the White House sooner if we turn off the free wifi?

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