Kanye West removed from state ballot

Earlier this evening Palmer Report told you about how Kanye West had been caught using fake signatures like “Mickey Mouse” and “Bernie Sanders” to try to get onto the ballot in Wisconsin. We predicted that this would result in a legal challenge, and the potential removal of his name from the Wisconsin ballot.

Now it turns out Wisconsin wasn’t the only state where Kanye West has been collecting laughably fake signatures. TMZ is reporting tonight that Kanye just got thrown off the ballot in Illinois because more than half the signatures he collected were determined to be fake.

We don’t even know what constitutes an important state for Kanye West, because he’s only running to try to take a few votes away from Joe Biden in the states that Biden would otherwise win. But the fact that Kanye has been removed from the ballot in Illinois, combined with a potentially similar fate in Wisconsin, suggests that his campaign is even more of an irrelevant joke than we thought. It’s the latest reminder that Trump and his allies don’t have some magic wand when it comes to trying to cheat.

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