Exposed: Kanye West’s ballot petition in Wisconsin contains multiple forgeries

Yesterday Kanye West basically admitted that he’s running his joke of a presidential campaign in the hope of picking off some votes from Joe Biden and helping Donald Trump. This comes amid the revelation that multiple Republican operatives have been helping Kanye to get on the ballot in certain states.

Now things have gotten even uglier. In a surreal development, it turns out the ballot petitions that got Kanye on the ballot in Wisconsin are full of forgeries and fake names. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Daniel Bice has posted a lengthy thread detailing how everyone from “Mickey Mouse” to a fake version of “Bernie Sanders” have signed the petition – and multiple people named “Kanye West” have signed it as well.

It’s clear that many of these signatures are forgeries. That doesn’t mean that the Kanye West campaign is forging the names. It could be that the random people on the sidewalk who are being asked to sign the petition are using fake names as a joke. But it is clear that the Kanye campaign either didn’t bother to examine the names before submitting them, or didn’t care that they were forgeries. This campaign is a joke – and Kanye should be disqualified from the Wisconsin ballot.

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