Jeffrey Epstein’s plea deal is unraveling in court – and his co-conspirators should be worried

When Jeffrey Epstein was granted a secret plea deal several years ago that allowed him a mere slap on the wrist for being a child rapist, the deal also granted immunity to all of his alleged co-conspirators. Epstein was eventually arrested last year on new charges, and he died suspiciously in prison – but that didn’t make the plea deal irrelevant. Now it’s very much back in play.

The U.S. Court of Appeals has agreed to re-hear a case brought by Epstein’s victims which would erase Epstein’s original plea deal, according to the Miami Herald newspaper, which blew the Epstein scandal wide open to begin with. This would mean that Epstein’s co-conspirators would no longer have immunity. Of course we’ve already seen Epstein’s primary co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell arrested on new charges that weren’t covered under the plea deal. But the dissolution of the plea deal would make it easy for prosecutors to indict all of Epstein’s co-conspirators, without first having to peg them for additional crimes outside the scope of the deal.

We don’t know who Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirators are. But we do know they exist, or else he wouldn’t have sought a plea deal that gave them immunity. Whoever they are, they should be really nervous right now. Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. Attorney who corruptly negotiated the secret plea deal, should also be nervous.

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