Josh Hawley is out of his maniacal mind

“I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” Thank you, “Network.” Have you ever seen that great film? I think the words above are timeless, and right now, they perfectly describe how I feel whenever I hear the name, Josh Hawley.

The following article will feature a few quotes from the film.

“I’m mad as hell.”

I am mad because this “person” Hawley has the utter nerve to tear into AG Garland. Why? Because Garland is lending a helping hand to educators and parents, who are being harassed by MAGA school board members everywhere. You’ve seen some of the videos and read some our coverage, I am sure.

Few Republicans irk me as much as Hawley. I am going to say it outright: Josh Hawley is a traitor. He is an insurrectionist supporter, a fist-pumper to bad people. He is a self-centered and smug caricature of an overgrown frat boy who could not care less about anyone.

“I’m not going to take this anymore!”

First, it’s important to put this in some type of context. It is important to understand that Hawley surely knows EXACTLY why parents and school board members want help. The stories have been everywhere, and Hawley is not unaware of said stories. So, yeah, he knows. He knows, but he simply doesn’t care.


These parents and teachers — are HUMAN — and they are being terrorized, and Hawley knows this, but I suppose he feels it might be better to pretend he does not. Perhaps he feels it will be better for his Presidential aspirations. He does not yet understand these aspirations will never come to fruition because he has been seen in his organic state. And the American people know what a liar he is.

“We’ll tell you anything you want to hear; we lie like hell.”

This line should be used against Hawley. He is not complex. He is as easy to read as the TV screen right in front of you.

Josh Hawley said this week: “Is waiting to express one’s view at a school board meeting harassment and intimidation?”


This is not what is happening. What is happening at these meetings ARE harassment and intimidation. And it’s being encouraged by traitors like Hawley. So, we must vote him out when he is up for reelection. We must organize. And we must let him know in no uncertain terms: “We’re mad as hell, and WE’RE not going to take it anymore.”

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