Matt Gaetz just got punked

It’s never a good day to be Matt Gaetz. He’s an odious idiot, and he’s also under federal criminal investigation for a number of heinous alleged crimes. As we await Gaetz’s inevitable indictment, today was a particularly brutal day for him in the humiliation department.

There’s a popular Twitter account called Patriot Takes which pretty much just mocks right wing extremists for the stupid things they say and do. Earlier today that account mocked Matt Gaetz for lavishing praise on Donald Trump Jr’s unhinged girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle. Apparently Gaetz didn’t realize he was being mocked, so he retweeted it โ€“ then the fun began.

Once Matt Gaetz retweeted it, Patriot Takes changed its Twitter screen name to “Matt Gaetz is a Pedo” โ€“ in reference to the federal criminal probe into his alleged underage sex trafficking. The result looked like this:


Six hours after the fact, Matt Gaetz still hadn’t taken down the retweet. In light of some resignations, it really makes you wonder if he has any staffers left at all, or they’d seemingly have caught this for him by now. In any case, Gaetz is going to end up having far worse days than this one.

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