Lock him up: Trump lawyer Joe diGenova calls for execution of former government official

Donald Trump’s election lawyer Joe diGenova just called for the execution of former DHS official Chris Krebs, whom Trump recently fired, according to conservative site The Bulwark. This comes after Steve Bannon called for the execution of Dr. Fauci and the FBI Director several weeks ago. We can’t have this in civil society. People who talk like this must face criminal consequences.

Former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi tweeted that diGenova’s threat is a “retaliatory threat involving Krebs’ official duties, in violation of federal law Title 18 USC 351.” So we’re not the only ones who see diGenova’s words as a criminal act.

Donald Trump ended up firing his election lawyer Sidney Powell after she went on a conspiracy theory bender that was too whacked out even for Trump. Now we’ll see if Trump also fires Joe diGenova. If not, then we’ll assume that Trump is on board with his lawyer’s violent threats, and that Trump should also be criminally investigated for it.

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