Tom Barrack’s arrest could turn ugly for Allen Weisselberg

Tom Barrack’s arrest yesterday, on seven felony charges related to the Trump administration and the Middle East, should have most of Trump world quaking in its collective boots. After all, if the DOJ is intent enough on cleaning up the Trump crime spree that it’s going all the way back to Barrack’s 2017 antics, then no one is safe.

But some Trump folks have more to worry about than others. For instance, right now Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg is trying to stand strong in the face of a fifteen count felony indictment that could land him a couple or few years in prison. But if Weisselberg gets hit with any superseding indictments, it could start adding up to too long of a prison sentence for someone his age to bear, and he may have to consider cutting a deal instead.

This brings us to the fact that two months ago, Mother Jones reported on how Tom Barrack appeared to give false testimony in order to protect Allen Weisselberg in the Washington DC Attorney General’s probe into the Trump inaugural fund. This is still a civil probe, but as we recently saw in New York, a civil probe like this has a tendency to morph into a criminal one.

If Barrack did indeed give false testimony to protect Weisselberg, and if Barrack ends up cutting a cooperating plea deal, he’ll have to amend his testimony – which would open the door for Washington DC to target Weisselberg in addition to the charges he’s already been hit with in New York. This is all a few steps ahead, of course. But the point of forcing a money man like Barrack to flip is that it can lead to all kinds of additional criminal charges against various associates – and Barrack would have the receipts to back it up. How many more criminal charges can someone like Weisselberg swallow before he decides it’s time to flip on Donald Trump?

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