Legal expert makes fascinating observation about Robert Mueller’s job security after seeing Michael Flynn sentencing memo

This evening, Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed his sentencing memo in the Michael Flynn plea deal. Mueller recommended that Flynn get as little as zero prison time, which Palmer Report was able to identify as a clear indication that Flynn has given Mueller enough evidence to destroy Donald Trump and the other biggest of fish. Now a legal expert has come away with another fascinating takeaway.

While Robert Mueller used the document to confirm that he’s still investigating several criminal conspiracies relating to Michael Flynn, including Trump-Russia collusion, he made the choice to black out most of the details. While that’s disappointing to our curiosity, Congressman Ted Lieu – a former prosecutor – found that this was good news. His interpretation: “Robert Mueller feels his job is secure.”

So how did Ted Lieu come to this conclusion? During his on-air MSNBC appearance tonight, he stated that “if Robert Mueller thought that was gonna get fired, I think he would have laid out a very lengthy sentencing memo.” The premise is that if Mueller were worried about justifying his own existence, he’d have felt the need to pack this memo with dirt on Donald Trump, even if doing so might ultimately hurt his criminal case against Trump.

This marks the first time we’ve heard any Democrat in Congress say something like this. Again, Ted Lieu has a law degree and he’s worked as a prosecutor, so he knows how these things work. This suggests that 1) Matthew Whitaker is hiding under his desk and letting Robert Mueller run the show, and 2) Robert Mueller has Donald Trump nailed, and it’s too late for Trump to stop his inevitable downfall.

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