Robert Mueller reveals that Michael Flynn has destroyed Donald Trump

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally posted his sentencing memo tonight for Michael Flynn, and we’re still digging through it to see what’s in the details. But for the moment, the top line of the memo tells us all we need to know: Mueller is recommending that Flynn get as little as zero time in prison – and this tells us that Flynn has destroyed Donald Trump.

Yes, Michael Flynn. Yes, he should ideally rot in prison for the rest of his life. But in the real world, the only way to take down a kingpin is to get his top underlings lenient enough sentences that they’re willing to spill their guts. Once these underlings cut plea deals, their sentence ends up being determined by just how helpful they’ve been. Flynn committed serious crimes. The only reason for Mueller to recommend such a ridiculously lenient sentence is if Flynn has given him enough to take Trump down.

Thus far it looks like the most relevant part of the Flynn sentencing memo is that it clearly states Mueller is continuing to investigate collusion between Team Trump and Russia during the election. In other words, so much for “no collusion.”

Donald Trump and his apologists will try to turn this news upside down by insisting that Michael Flynn’s lenient sentence is somehow a sign that there was no Trump-Russia conspiracy to begin with. But the reality is just the opposite: Flynn only got a sweetheart sentence like this because he’s helped Robert Mueller take a proverbial blowtorch to Donald Trump and the biggest of fish. This tells us that Mueller has what he needs, and that he’ll act soon.

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