Bad news for Jim Jordan

We keep seeing accusation after accusation that Congressman Jim Jordan covered up a sexual abuse scandal at Ohio State University when he was a wrestling coach there. Jordan has yet to face consequences. But that could finally be changing.

George Clooney is now producing a documentary series about the Ohio State abuse scandal, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This is a big deal because it’s finally going to give a televised stage to the victims who have come forward.

The alleged abuser, Richard Strauss, is deceased and therefore can’t face criminal punishment. But this documentary series will place a spotlight on those who are accused of having helped Strauss get away with it. That includes Jim Jordan.

One consistent pattern we’ve seen with famous people who are accused of a crime is that once their actions become a focus of television, public demand for their prosecution skyrockets, and it makes prosecutors more comfortable going after the famous individuals. In other words, Jim Jordan might finally face some kind of justice as a result of this docuseries.

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