Eric Trump goes off the rails on live national television

Fail-son and overall bad person Eric Trump isn’t known for his intelligence or decency. We don’t equate the family of The Former Guy with virtuousness or goodness, but there are a few characters amongst them who know how to be nefariously crafty at times. Eric didn’t inherit such ability to be discreetly shady or cunning; his ineptness and foolishness are right out there for all to see. Eric is often viewed as the weakest link in this monstrous crime family.

On Monday, Eric falsely and inexplicably declared that the disastrous situation in Texas is somehow President Biden’s fault. In a nod to the previous president’s cultists, he said on Fox News that “there’s 75-80 million people who would follow my father to the end of the Earth.” There are certainly a few cultists who might do such a senseless thing, but his father’s influence is already on the wane and won’t be returning. The Former Guy and his followers may be a thorn in our collective side, but he won’t be a contender in future elections. The previous president is toxically unpopular, about to face numerous legal woes, and he’s visibly been in mental and physical decline for quite some time now.

While it’s not surprising to hear Eric speak of his father’s devotees in such a way, it’s still a bit jolting to consider the level of unquestioning cult-like allegiance some still have for The Former Guy. Eric laughably said that President Biden is “causing Texas to freeze,” and even most right-wing fools can recognize that as being nonsensical. Eric also stated that enthusiasm for his father is “better than it’s ever been.” We also know that’s untrue, as his father lost the election decisively despite all the voter-suppression attempts and hindrances the QAnon party threw our way.

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