E. Jean Carroll has something to say to Donald Trump

Earlier today the Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump’s tax returns must immediately be given to the Manhattan District Attorney as part of his criminal case against Trump. But that isn’t the only case pending against Trump.

E. Jean Carroll has accused Trump of raping her, and she has a civil case going against him. As part of that case she’s seeking a sample of his DNA. While her civil case can only directly result in punitive damages, if she obtains Trump’s DNA, it could then theoretically be used in criminal prosecution against him in any instances where the statute of limitations hasn’t run out, so it’s a highly pivotal civil case.

Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a reminder that the courts aren’t going to be inclined to give Trump special evidentiary treatment simply because he’s a former President. After the ruling came down, E. Jean Carroll tweeted this: “Taxes won’t be the only thing Trump will be required to turnover. Coming up: Trump’s DNA sample.”

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