Jen Psaki just destroyed Peter Doocy

When Jen Psaki first became White House Press Secretary, there were reports that she didn’t really want the job, but President Biden talked her into taking it anyway. Since that time, Psaki’s press conferences have demonstrated why Biden wanted her in the role so badly: she’s just that good at it.

For some reason Fox News keeps sending Peter Doocy (not to be confused with a different right wing fool, Doug Ducey) to participate in Jen Psaki’s press conferences. Peter Doocy specializes in asking “gotcha” questions that are too dimwitted and poorly thought out to ever get him anywhere.

Every time Doocy asks Jen Psaki yet another “clever” question, the result ends up being like it was today:

This keeps going so poorly for Doocy, even Fox News audiences can’t possibly think he’s winning these exchanges. You have to wonder how much longer Fox News will stick with him in the briefing room. In the mean time, Jen Psaki will presumably just keep dunking on him.

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