Donald Trump Jr gets lambasted

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Donald Trump Jr (red-faced, sputtering creep, insurrection party, who cares where he’s from) attended CPAC this weekend. He made a speech. It fell flat. How flat? Well, flat enough for it to make Seth Meyers’ show – never a good thing.

Apparently, Donnie was trying desperately to be cool. And funny. And charismatic. Three strikes and you are definitely out. And Seth Meyers, who misses absolutely nothing, was on it.

“Last time somebody bombed that badly he became the joker,” Meyers roared. “Don Jr. has all the charm and charisma of a dude selling timeshares in a hotel conference room whose PowerPoint just crashed.”

Wow. Talk about the truth hurts. Meyers spared nobody as he compared a vicious CPAC crowd cheering missed vaccination deadlines to a waiter dropping some dishes.

The fact is the GOP has been having screw-up after screw-up, not that they seem to be learning anything from it. CPAC was just the latest. It seems every week, their hateful rhetoric gets baser and more malevolent.

It is nice when we see some of the insurrection party’s more disgusting words broken down in a comedic way. And it also helps relieve the stress I know many are feeling. I have seen many Democrats express their feelings of “imminent doom” and still feeling dark. I have seen it all over Twitter. That is something I sympathize with.

That is also why I first starting reading Palmer Report. PR comes at the news from an honest yet optimistic aspect which I had always loved, well before I started writing for them.

If you feel that things are getting to you, I’d highly recommend taking a timeout. One of the best ways to do that is listening to comedians like Seth, who provide a little humor in this vast political landscape, and that’s something that never gets old.

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