January 6th Committee says America will be “shocked” at what it’s uncovered about Donald Trump and others

If you’re the kind of political activist who’s been closely following the events involved, you already have a general sense of the January 6th Capitol attack, Donald Trump’s role in it, and his overall criminal attempt at overthrowing the election. It’s the average Americans, who don’t follow politics closely, who are the real target audience for the January 6th Committee’s upcoming primetime televised hearings. But now the committee says that even those of you who have been paying close attention will be “shocked” at how ugly the committee’s findings are.

January 6th Committee member Jamie Raskin has now revealed to CNN that the committee’s latest high level cooperating witness, former Trump White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, has coughed up additional Trump world names that the committee didn’t even know were involved in January 6th. Raskin isn’t yet making these names public, of course, because the committee now has to investigate them and attempt to flip them into cooperating.


In any case, Raskin is now saying that Americans are going to be “shocked and surprised” at all the things that the January 6th Committee has uncovered about Donald Trump and others. Heading into high profile public hearings, it’s often useful to pay attention to how the committee members begin characterizing things. If they know that their evidence and witnesses are underwhelming compared to what the public is expecting, they’ll try to tamp down expectations. But with the committee now making a point of ramping up expectations, it must have one heck of a fireworks show lined up.

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