Ron Johnson may have just unwittingly made it easier for the Democrats to win the midterms

For quite a bit of time now, many people have wondered about Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. Would the belligerent politician run again in 2022? Or would he finally move on, letting the lush green hills of Wisconsin adjust to life without the quack of a Senator apart of it?

Well — it appears Ron Johnson has mulled it over and come to a decision. (What IS it about politicians named Ron?) Senator Johnson has decided to seek re-election, most likely causing the dairy state to heave a disappointed but resigned sigh. This is actually good news for us.

Johnson has become more and more ostracized. His Covid conspiracy theories are bizarre even by GOP standards, and his popularity is in the toilet. I believe it is better that he run than a new Republican. We have so many bizarre quotes and inaccurate utterings by Mr. Johnson that there will absolutely be a plethora of statements to hammer him on.

But we also have to run on our own ideas and values. Wisconsin is the ultimate swing state, and they have a pretty good nose for sniffing out bullshit. Their Governor is a Democrat as well, which will surely help us.


So the Wisconsin race is definitely on, and we have to make it a priority because getting Ron Johnson out of the Senate should be uppermost on everybody’s mind. He is one of the worst Senators ever to be elected, and he hasn’t done one thing for Wisconsinites.

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