Another one bites the dust

Her name was Cirsten Weldon. That was her name, and she was a tireless worker. Cirsten worked hard for her cause. She was steadfast and unrelenting in her beliefs. She had passion and strong convictions. Those beliefs included the idea that anyone who took the jab was a gullible “idiot.”

Also among her beliefs was that Dr. Fauci was evil and needed to be executed. One of her favorite activities was harassing people who were on their way to get the jab. And now Cirsten is dead. She has died from Covid-19. Chalk another one up to the lies of QAnon.

For that was Weldon’s thing — she was something of an influencer in regards to QAnon. Many Q members knew of her. Then she was hospitalized. Posting a picture of herself wearing an oxygen mask, Weldon still would not admit she had Covid.

She had “bacterial pneumonia,” she explained to her fans. And then she died — having refused Resmedervir. And how did members of Q take this news? Did they perhaps realize the dangers of Covid? The answer to that question is no.

Many members of Q that I saw — were busy blaming the hospital for her death.
They — many of them — believe she was executed by the “deep state.”
For knowing too much.

Now there have been threats against the brave medical staff that tried to save her.
The Q believers are not all gun-toting angry Maga. No, they’re not. They include teachers. They include Nurses. They include a librarian.

I know this because I observed them. There were many folks that would appear perfectly normal — at first. I saw rosy-faced Grandmother types. I saw people who most likely had control of their brains and their souls at one time.

And many of these people are true believers. The lessons of this tragic story will never be learned for the true blue Q members.
They can’t be.


These are non-people — who have given away their psyches. Now they’re empty, answering only to a nameless, faceless messiah that calls itself Q. There will likely be many more where Weldon came from. The tragedy of all this is that Weldon was doomed because she trusted the wrong people. She thought enemies were friends and friends were enemies. And the real enemies just got her killed.

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