The real reason the mainstream media is suddenly setting Ivanka Trump on fire

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There is major breaking news this evening, reported by the Washington Post and then echoed by outlets like MSNBC, about Ivanka Trump having used personal email for government business last year. Here’s the thing: this isn’t news. Not even close. In fact Palmer Report covered it more than a year ago. It’s not as if we had some exclusive information; Ivanka’s email scandal was well known and well documented at the time. So what’s suddenly happening here?

For reasons known only to them, these mainstream media outlets have decided that right now is a good time to set Ivanka Trump on fire, based on an old scandal of hers that happened more than a year ago, and became public knowledge more than a year ago, despite having little to no new information to report about it. We’re not criticizing these media outlets for doing this; there are instances in which bringing an old story back to the forefront is entirely justified and appropriate. The question here is what they know that we don’t.

Why trot this back out now? Why today? Why not a month ago, or a month from now? Sure, we’re in an odd lull in the news cycle, with major Trump-Russia arrests clearly imminent, but there’s nothing happening on that front today, and we’re all just sort of sitting here. But then that’s usually the point. When the mainstream media suddenly starts dredging up old scandals about a public figure, it’s usually a sign that they’ve been tipped off that new scandals about that person are just a few days away. In essence, they’re whetting the public’s appetite for what they know is coming.

So what’s coming? That’s really tough to say. Palmer Report pointed out just yesterday that Robert Mueller and the FBI have been quietly targeting Ivanka Trump all along. And of course we’re in the midst of this surreal waiting period, after Mueller strongly hinted in a court filing four days ago that major arrests were coming within ten days. Are we seriously about to see Ivanka getting popped by Mueller? Stay tuned.

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