Goodbye Ivanka Trump, nice knowing you

Ah, so that’s all it took. This evening the mainstream media decided to dredge up a year-old story about a year-old Ivanka Trump email scandal, which didn’t gain the proper traction at the time, and push it out there again as breaking news. Apparently it was the right story at the right time, because now Ivanka’s entire existence is suddenly on fire.

How serious is this “new” scandal? Ivanka Trump’s name has instantly become the top trending topic on Twitter. The story has become the hourly lead on cable news tonight. And Ivanka is taking it seriously enough that her people have released a statement tonight, insisting that she didn’t break any laws when she routinely used her personal email for government business, even though she’s not even being accused of having broken the law with her email.

This is rather notable. If you’re resorting to pointing out that you didn’t do worse things you’re not even accused of, in an attempt at minimizing what you have been accused of, it means you’ve pretty much run out of more viable defense strategies. For that matter, the fact that Ivanka Trump felt the need to publicly respond to this – at all – is telling.

This scandal is just too perfect. Donald Trump centered his campaign around the false claim that Hillary Clinton did something wrong when she used private email for government business, even though there were no rules against it back when Hillary did it. And now Ivanka Trump has been caught doing exactly what Hillary did, except there were rules (though not laws) against it by the time Ivanka did it. The only way out of this, for Ivanka and for Donald, is for Ivanka to resign from the White House. Goodbye Ivanka, nice knowing you.