It’s finally happening

This most auspicious day, the one we’ve waited for for four long years, has arrived. Having done our patriotic duty to rid our democracy of fascism, we now may have hours or weeks before the final tally is completed. Trump will announce he’s won and his lawyers will head to court. But come January 20th, if he is deemed the loser, he will leave the White House, never to soil its hallowed space again.

Biden and Harris will certainly clean up his mess but what happens in the long months between now and inauguration? We’d need a crystal ball to calculate how much poo Trump will fling till then, but suffice it to say, he won’t likely start a war, or nuke our allies. What he will do is obsess over the loss, whine and cry about the unfairness of it all, attend rallies with his very own paid-to-attend spectators and obsess some more.

The good thing is while Trump is distracted by the impossible task of overturning Biden’s election, he also won’t see AG James stalking up behind him and nor will his children see their own indictments creeping up. As stupid and narcissistic as these folks are, they really don’t get that they’re in for a world of trouble. Leona Helmsley never believed it could happen to her, but it did. Pay attention Jarvanka.

By this time next year we should hopefully be seeing the end of mask wearing and coronavirus. We should also be seeing the beginning of those who’ve hurt our country going to prison. 2020 has been one helluva year, but it’s finally turning and the future looks bright indeed. Take a moment to reflect that this country’s survived worse than Trump. Now is a good time to be grateful that our democracy and our Constitution still stand.

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