Donald Trump calls in to Fox & Friends and sounds completely defeated and half dead

During his rally last night, it finally seemed to be sinking in for Donald Trump that he was about to lose when he said this about Joe Biden: “Could he really win? Are we serious about this?” But was that just an isolated moment of reality, or would his delusions return today?

When Trump called in to Fox & Friends this morning, he seemed completely defeated in every way. Sounding listless and half asleep, Trump merely said that he felt he had a “very solid chance of winning” instead of his usual boasts about winning for sure. He also said that “It’s been a great run,” something that you usually only say when you think you’re at the end of it.

By now, candidates are usually running on pure adrenaline and momentum no matter how tired they may be from the campaign trail. But this morning Donald Trump sounded unsure of himself, at a loss for words, and sad. And when we say “sad” we mean both unhappy and pathetic.

In any case, while Donald Trump clearly fears he’s going to lose today, the only way to ensure that will happen is to spend today voting – and convincing as many people in your personal life as possible to vote. Let’s really leave it all on the field today, so we can get this Trump nightmare over with and celebrate President-elect Joe Biden.

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