The buzzards are already circling Donald Trump, as Deutsche Bank eyes seizing his assets if he loses

Last night the New York Times published a story pointing out that if Donald Trump loses the election, he’s very likely to be criminally charged on a federal and state level. It was a rare instance of the mainstream media acknowledging this fact, in a preview of what’s to come if he loses. But it turns out Trump’s problems if he loses aren’t merely criminal in nature.

Deutsche Bank leaked to Reuters last night that if Donald Trump loses the election, it’s going to cut ties with him entirely. It plans to try to sell off loans, but it doesn’t expect any buyers. When that failed, Deutsche is looking at calling in Trump’s loans immediately after he’s out of office, and when he doesn’t pay them, seizing his assets accordingly.

Palmer Report has always expected that the government would eventually end up seizing Donald Trump’s properties after he loses, in order to cover the financial penalties he’ll incur as part of his criminal charges. But now we’ve got one of Trump’s biggest creditors talking about seizing his assets much more quickly than the slower-moving criminal justice system would.

This means the buzzards are circling around Trump already – and we’ll see a lot more of this once he officially loses. This should serve as even more motivation for us to work as hard as possible today to drive voter turnout, run up the score, and make 100% certain he loses.

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