Is Michigan’s Attorney General criminally targeting Donald Trump?

Michigan’s Attorney General is hinting at a criminal investigation into these two Michigan legislators. Don’t discount the possibility that she’s looking to pressure them into serving as cooperating witnesses, in order to bring state level criminal charges against Donald Trump. He’ll be fair game for indictment in just 60 days.

We’ve all been focusing on the state level charges that New York is going to bring against Donald Trump, both because that’s long been the home base of his criminal financial house of cards, and because there is a widely documented New York grand jury in the process of indicting him.

But in reality, any state can bring criminal charges against Trump if his criminal actions fall within their jurisdiction. Criminally conspiring with Michigan legislators would certainly seem to give Michigan jurisdiction. So it’s worth keeping an eye on what all of the various state Attorneys General are up to right now.

State charges are the most surefire way to put Donald Trump in prison, because he can’t even try to pardon himself on those. And the more states bring criminal cases against Trump, the more insurance it provides against him getting lucky with a trial jury in any one particular state.

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