Judge laughs Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani out of court, dismisses case with prejudice

– So much for the notion that Rudy Giuliani was the magic ingredient for Donald Trump turning out his stunning string of election related losses in court. A federal judge has just dismissed Rudy’s case in Pennsylvania “with prejudice” – meaning he can’t refile it. This is all shameful, but it’s clearly not going anywhere. For that matter, Republican Congressman Mike Kelly’s frivolous suit, aimed at getting mail-in voting somehow declared unconstitutional, won’t go anywhere either. These are all laugh-out-loud dead ends, as the various judges in these cases keep emphatically confirming.

– Donald Trump skipped out on a G20 panel today and went golfing. Don’t try to tell me he still has some hope of magically remaining in power. He’s not even trying to keep up the illusion that he can pull it off. He’s just golfing while he still can, before the criminal charges.

– Fact check: the New York attorney general did NOT say she has 67 indictments ready to go against Trump. It’s theoretically possible she has sealed indictments ready to go, and indictments will surely come at some point, but she’s said no such thing. Everyone needs to stop spreading this claim on social media.

– Donald Trump just misspelled a three letter word as if it were a two letter word, which tells you how things are going for him.

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