Stephen Miller’s last stand

Of all the horrific things the Trump administration has done over its failed term, the separation of migrant families at the U.S. southern border stands out for its aggressive, heartless cruelty. A new piece of this scandal has just surfaced that uncovers Donald Trump and his minions to be somehow even more morally depraved than we knew.

After almost a year of negotiations between pro bono lawyers for the migrant families and the Justice Department, both sides were ready to sign a settlement for $8 million, according to NBC News. Unable to go back in time and reverse Trump’s evil, the settlement sought to at least offer some comfort and healing to the young victims who continue to suffer. If signed, the settlement agreement would provide trauma counseling to thousands of migrant children, many of whom have mistakenly assumed their parents deserted them.

The White House Counsel’s office, reportedly acting under pressure from senior advisor and evil sorcerer Stephen Miller, rejected the settlement, even though Bill Barr’s Justice Department was recommending approval. Fortunately, migrant families gained access to counseling but not before several more months of expensive, hurtful legal wrangling. Even children who were fortunate enough to be reunited with their families still live in fear that their parents may be taken again at any moment, according to the report.

Trump’s background has made him uniquely qualified to try to deny counseling to people he has traumatized. Trump has spent his life concerned only about himself and his image and has never hesitated to attack a perceived aggressor, no matter how undeserving or vulnerable the victim. In 2000, for example, Trump tried to pull the plug on healthcare for William Trump, his sick baby grand-nephew, simply because Trump was insulted that William’s parents contested his father’s will.


The Trump administration’s refusal to allow migrant families to settle and move on is not only repugnant but has wound up costing American taxpayers $6 million. As Thanksgiving approaches, we must be thankful that Trump’s cruel reign is winding down and will be replaced with an administration that is all about unity, dignity, and empathy. The Biden administration must remind the world how decent, kind, and sane America can be, and we all know that the Biden-Harris team is more than eager to get started.

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