Turns out Donald Trump’s latest Iran debacle may be even more of a disaster than we thought

Earlier this afternoon, Palmer Report sounded the alarm when Donald Trump made a point of announcing that the United States had nothing to do with an apparent accident at a missile launch site in Iran. Given Trump’s dishonest and projectionist nature, he seemed to be giving away that he did – directly or indirectly – have something to do with it. Now things may be worse than they initially appeared.

It turns out the image Donald Trump tweeted of the Iranian accident gives something away about United States intel capabilities. NPR has sussed out that the image, if taken by a U.S. drone, was either secretly in Iranian airspace, or has technological capabilities that the public doesn’t know about. Further, experts think the image is likely classified.

In other words, that’s right, it looks like Trump just blurted out classified information yet again. He’s done this enough times that we’ve lost track of the precise count. Of course this leads to a disturbing question about why he keeps doing this.

Does Donald Trump keep doing this because he’s too stupid, reckless, and clueless to realize he’s putting the United States in danger by randomly revealing classified information? Or does Trump keep doing this on purpose, because someone like Vladimir Putin has instructed him to put it out there?

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