Former CIA Director has a warning for Donald Trump

Donald Trump tried to spin it as a victory yesterday, but the reality is that he took a severe blow when the Department of Justice Inspector General ruled that former FBI Director James Comey violated policy – but didn’t break any laws – when he released his memos about Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice.

Trump appeared to be banking on the fantasy of bringing false criminal charges against Comey and putting him on trial during the 2020 general election, in order to fire up his deranged base. It’s the latest evidence that Trump simply does not understand that he needs support outside his base in order to have any shot in 2020. But even if putting Comey on trial were somehow a viable strategy for magically winning over new voters, it’s now out the window, thanks to the Inspector General.

Former CIA Director John Brennan issued this warning to Trump: “Jim Comey is far more decent, ethical, honest, competent, & patriotic than you could ever hope to be. It is only because the AG & Republican Senators refuse to put country above party that you are not in a world of trouble & hurt. But their protective cocoon is only temporary.”


So precisely what is John Brennan referring to? For one thing, the minute Donald Trump is no longer in office, he’s obviously going to be criminally indicted and arrested, if not on federal charges then certainly on state charges. But Brennan may also be pointing to the cold hard reality that, with Trump’s poll numbers falling by the day and the Republican Congress now in danger of going down in 2020 with him, the Republicans could easily turn around and selfishly dunk Trump in the name of trying to save themselves.

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