I’m sick and tired of this

I am sick and tired of being told every five minutes that Donald J. Trump is closer than ever to becoming dictator or emperor. HE LOST. He’s not in power. He’s a broken senile loser rotting away in isolation. He’s not somehow magically still in power. It’s a joke.

The more obvious it becomes that Trump is finished in politics, essentially finished in life, and clearly on track for a New York prison, the more the media and the pundits ratchet up the hysterical fiction about Trump being closer than ever to a magic comeback. For lack of any other term to more adequately describe it, it’s fake news. Trump always claimed the media was “fake news” whenever it said negative things about him. But now the media is pushing fake news about Trump making some big comeback. When it came to the media, Trump simply had it backward.

The media has spent every minute of 2021 insisting that we’ll all be dead by this time tomorrow unless some specific magic wand is waved, and it NEVER HAPPENS. The media is always wrong these days, and always by choice, as it wrings Trump’s ghost for ratings.

Every day the media insists Trump is somehow magically closer than ever to retaking power, yet not a shred of evidence exists to support this clickbait narrative. At this point the mainstream media is almost as far out to lunch with these Trump comeback stories as Mike Lindell.


The My Pillow guy keeps insisting Trump will magically be back in power in 2021, despite a ton of proof he’s wrong. The media keeps insisting Trump will magically be back in power in 2024, despite a ton of proof they’re wrong. At this point what’s the difference?

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