Even Ted Cruz is admitting Mitch McConnell caved

I generally try to avoid writing about Ted Cruz. This is because of several factors. One factor is that Cruz is an idiot. And not only that, but I suspect Cruz KNOWS he’s an idiot. And yet, he persists in saying and doing idiotic things. And really, who wants to write about such a person as Cruz?

But I feel I must write about him today. You see, Ted Cruz has displayed his idiocy in such garish fashion, I’d be remiss if I did not highlight it so we can all have a good laugh at the idiocy of the Cancun-loving Texan.

So, as we knew he would, Mitch McConnell has caved on the Debt Ceiling argument. He blinked. We won. Again. Only Cruz was not happy about this and proceeded to let forth his idiocy in inventive new ways, proving once again that there just is no limit with Cruz and his idiocy.

Before I go into the weeds on what the Mariachi fan said, it is important to note that chickens have become a popular talking point. I do not know why this is so. I only know that for some reason, hapless chickens everywhere have become a sort of GOP talking point. I feel so sorry for the chickens.

It happened with Terrible Tucker Carlson, who fiercely invoked the rights of chicken owners to snuggle their faces into the chickens even if said chickens happened to have salmonella. The reason Tucker gave is freedom!

And now, faster than one could say cock-A doodle-doo, Cruz has used quite an analogy to describe Moscow Mitch and the GOP in general.

Here is his quote: “In the game of chicken, Chuck Schumer won this game of chicken. As two trucks drove towards each other on a country road, one or the other was going to turn, or you were going to have a lot of dead chickens. I wish Republicans hadn’t blinked.”


Let us take a moment to console traumatized chickens everywhere. I imagine it must be tough for them, being constantly used as symbolism by crooked GOP members. In any event, clearly, the GOP counted their chickens before they were hatched and were surprised by McConnell’s folding. As for Cruz? Maybe he shouldn’t have put all his eggs in one basket. Because the basket just folded and it has given the Democrats yet another victory.

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