Nikki Haley is just terrible at this

Like most things in life, lying well comes with practice. And even then, there is no guarantee one will be any good at it. These last few years, we have seen the GOP take lying to another level altogether. Not content to merely lie once in a while, the GOP’s whole identity now is infused in the art of the lie. Not a good look, to be sure.

And most Republicans do not lie well at all. Sometimes they look comical with their fake masks of indignation as they try desperately to convince the American people they give a damn about our great country. But nobody — and I do mean nobody — is as bad at lying as Nikki Haley.

Haley has been reduced to cartoon character status. Once highly respected as the Governor of South Carolina and looked on as an intelligent and strong person, she is now a punchline.

Haley’s making news again and not in a good way. She has declared that the GOP cannot “go back to the days before Trump.”

Sigh. I do wonder about these people. Have they no honest advisors around? Because Haley is making a fool of herself and it appears she y does not realize this.

The truth is Haley despises Trump. She thinks he did a terrible job. How do I know this? Because Haley has SAID he did a bad job. She has SAID the GOP should not have followed Trump.

“We need to acknowledge he let us down,” Haley once said. Since Haley will not be honest about how she really feels, I have decided to channel her. Here is what Haley SHOULD have said was she being honest:


“I don’t want us to go back to the days before Trump. I don’t want this because my numbers really suck. I need to get some respect back, and I need Trump to grant me a visit at Mar-A-Largo. I hope, with this statement, he will be fooled into thinking I give a damn about him. I do not see any way of getting power without Trump, so to hell with right and wrong, I am going to kiss his ass and be so sycophantic, I’ll put Lindsey Graham to shame.” Thank you for listening.”

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