If the right wing really did leak this Supreme Court memo, then it was the dumbest move of all time

Republicans are trying to make the inappropriateness of the Supreme Court leak into the story. But such whining won’t gain them a single vote. The midterms will be decided by this hideous ruling, not some “scandal” about who leaked it. If you haven’t noticed, Republican messaging is actually terribly ineffective these days.

Some pundits are theorizing that the right wing itself leaked the memo, to try to make the leak, not the ruling, the story. Anything is possible. But if so, that would be a completely idiotic move. If you’re planning to do something hideous, you don’t forfeit the element of surprise.

Each time the right wing takes an ugly blow like this (or does something dumb), most liberal pundits insist it’s actually a secret evil genius move by the right wing. And it never turns out to be the case.

Each time Trump did something dumb that hurt his re-election chances, we had to hear about how this was the thing that was going to give him a second term no matter what. They never could explain how it was going to go from Point A to Point B, it was just going to “embolden” him into winning, whatever that was supposed to mean. And then when he lost about as badly as expected, the pundits just acted like they never said those things.


Now we’re hearing yet again about how this latest bad news for the right wing is actually some secret evil genius plan by the right wing. No one has been able to specifically state why they think this leak is supposed to help the right wing, just that it’ll “embolden” right wing voters. What, like it won’t embolden us? 70% or more of voters are on our side on this issue. There are more of us to be “emboldened.” If this leaker wasn’t a courageous liberal, then it was a right wing idiot who has no idea how these things work and made a huge mistake.

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