Republican Senator gives away that the GOP has no idea how to handle the impending Trump implosion

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There is a film which came out in 1986. It’s a dark story that still remains extremely relevant today. It’s called “The River’s edge.” In it, a young teenager from California murders his girlfriend. Rather than simply calling the police, he instead brags to his friends. Dubbed by Salon as “the darkest teen film of all time,” the film examines the effects of peer pressure and group-think as the friends of this teenager struggle with their reactions which range from horror to absolute apathy.

The movie was on my mind after watching various attempts by the GOP to rationalize away the actions of a madman. Recently Trump came out and defended the insurrectionists for their murderous chants again Mike Pence. That was expected. Assolini doesn’t give a shit about anyone and most likely never has because he is a sociopath, and sociopaths can’t love. Or emphasize.

But what of other Republicans? What of their shameful silence on this issue? The fact is the GOP isn’t much different than these kids in the above-mentioned movie. They are apathetic. They are cowed. And they cannot find courage. One such example is Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming.

Wyoming is one of my favorite states, it is beautiful and filled with great people, so I feel doubly bad that they have this idiot representing them. On ABC’s ‘This Week,” Barrasso was asked about Trump’s defense of the insurrectionists’ death chants.

Barrasso could not answer. Stammering and trying desperately to change the subject, Barrasso talked about the lovely energy Trump brought to the GOP. He also said — and this is pitiful — he did not hear any of those chants. Right.

George Stephanopoulos was unrelenting, however. He asked Barrasso again –even played some of the chants. “It’s — it’s not common sense,” Barrasso stammered. Here is the danger, people;e, a red-alert screaming to be heard.

Every GOP candidate in 2022 must be made to answer this question and more. Because what if the next thing Trump said was — oh — I don’t know — “let’s imprison anyone with blue eyes.” “Let’s round up all Democratic journalists.”

What would Barrasso say? Would he continue stammering? Would he agree? This cowardice and apathy are what the swing-voters need to see. Thank you, Senator Barrasso, for showing us everything wrong with your deeply dysfunctional and flailing cult of Trump.

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