How did Mike Pence think this would go?

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Mike Pence has not given up his dreams of power, and it’s a shame. It’s a shame because his presidential dreams are already doomed, as I’ve said before. But that isn’t stopping him from trying his best to worm his way back into the lives of Maga.

And the latest stunt from Pence is using the leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court to benefit himself. Pence has verbally slammed Vice President Kamala Harris for daring to have an opinion on the issue of abortion.

Foaming at the mouth with righteous indignation and mansplaining as only a cowardly former Vice President COULD do, Pence attempted to chastise Harris.

At an event for the Carolina Pregnancy Center, Pence had the nerve to say this about VP Harris: “I say with the lives of 62 million unborn boys and girls ending in abortion since 1973, generations of mothers enduring heartbreaking loss that can last a lifetime: Madam Vice-President, how dare you?”

Stealing her “how dare you” line – how quaint. There is nothing like copying someone else’s words to show people one has nothing to say. I’m serious about that.

What did Pence think? Looking angry and yelling about being pro-life would make Maga love him again? If so, he might be delusional. I study Maga. I do it for several reasons: one being that I’m a writer for Palmer Report, and I often write about them.

And I can say with all the feeling in the world that Mike Pence will never be in power again. Ever. I can almost see the desperation wafting from the man. I suppose it would be rather sad if Pence were a different type of person.

As I write these words, I watch the glow of sunlight recede and the musky twinkling of the dusky evening enter. That is fine. Tomorrow daylight will once again shine a light. That is how many things go — they recede, and when they arrive again. Not the political career of Mike Pence, however. Mike Pence is so unaware he is like a deer in the headlights.

He is unaware of how out of touch with the mainstream he is. He is unaware of how much Maga loathes him. He is unaware that his career is over.
He is, I suppose, just clueless.

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