House Republican Andy Biggs should be censored too

Art comes in many forms. There is painting. There is pottery and calligraphy and theatre and creative writing. Every individual has their favorite art. How about death threats wrapped in anime? Sound like art to you? I ask this question because of Rep. Andy Biggs, who appears to be losing what is left of his decaying mind. As you know, Paul Gosar was censured and removed from his committee assignments. It could not happen to a more loathsome individual.

Of course, the House GOP (other than Kinzinger and Cheney) loudly and moronically defended him. And they used new and pathetic ways of so doing. But in my opinion, nothing beats Andy Biggs for sheer lunacy.

Biggs began his statement by rambling about how he once lived in Japan and speaks Japanese. Continuing to bore the living hell out of everybody, he insisted that Gosar’s despicable video is not an endorsement of violence.

Then he said it — one of the most stupid things I have heard a GOP member say. Biggs referred to the video as “HIGHLY STYLIZED” violence not meant to spur on violence. Highly stylized?

So, wait, just a minute here. Does Biggs think this piece of terrorist-style garbage is art? It would appear that he does. “Highly stylized” would seem to be a compliment.

This is a new low for even the GOP. Perhaps they will reveal themselves to be art connoisseurs. Maybe they will suggest “highly stylized” art be a new major in colleges everywhere. Who knows?


Myself? I think Biggs should also be censored for his bizarre, pathetic, and insane hate-ramblings. It will not happen, of course. But I do wish Biggs and Gosar would leave the country and go live on an island, someplace where they could make “highly stylized” garbage to their hearts’ content.

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