The big stuff is coming and Steve Bannon knows it

The Four Horsemen of the Insurrection are Bannon, Stone, Flynn and Trump. Meanwhile, the Q-Anon shaman got 41 well-deserved months in prison, and Mark Meadows is shaking in his boots. My Pillow lunatic Mike Lindell is watching his co-conspirator, Tina Peters, get her home raided by the FBI. We can’t imagine he’s not on the list too.

Merrick Garland is moving the wheels of justice. He knows everyone who was in the January 5th meeting at the Willard. Don Jr. isn’t going to get away with anything, nor Eric and Ivanka. They wept when their father boarded AF1 for the last time because the reality of their futures were finally hitting them. Tick tock.

The thing to remember is these criminals were committing crimes faster than can be prosecuted. There has to be a priority list of crimes in order to get these people for the worst of their treason. This takes time and strategy. But it’s happening. Bannon may crow about his “misdemeanor from hell,” but his posturing is laughable.

First of all, misdemeanors are not very serious in the criminal code. Even one from hell. And did you see those rioters on January 6th? If the best Bannon can muster is a few overweight clowns with Trump flags, good luck to him. And we doubt many of them are going to be anxious to risk it all for Bannon’s misdemeanor given the 41 months Jacob Chansley just received.


This is just the beginning of getting Bannon on the hook. If he believes this is the “misdemeanor from hell,” wait till he gets the “indictment from hell,” an indictment for treason. So let him crow and spend all his money fighting the small stuff. The big stuff is coming, and he knows it.

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