House GOP just swung and missed badly

The Republican House, led by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, failed to take any action against unstable lunatic Marjorie Taylor Greene tonight. In fact several of them reportedly gave her a standing ovation. This will make them look like complete idiots when House Democrats strip Greene of her committee assignments, thus doing the Republicans’ job for them.

The Republican House also tried and failed to oust Liz Cheney from her leadership position tonight, with about three-quarters of House Republicans voting to keep her. Not only does this make the Republicans look like idiots, it’ll also embolden Cheney in her quest to oust McCarthy and take over the House GOP.

This was all a huge swing and a miss for House Republicans. They have no idea what they’re even trying to do. Kevin McCarthy is proving to the be most incompetent “leader” possible. It’s unlikely that this will end particularly well for any of them.

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