Tucker Carlson goes off the deep end

Anyone with common sense knows the disgusting and hateful views of Marjorie Taylor Greene are dangerous and ignorant. She has become a danger to her own party which is why they are having such a tough time figuring out what to do about her. In reality, the choice should be easy… expel her from the House. But as with all things Republican, nothing is ever that simple.

The Republicans do not want to lose the support of their “Golden Goose”. That goose is former President and insurrectionist, Donald Trump whom the cowardly republicans are terrified of displeasing. And Trump is reportedly very fond of Greene.

This leads us to Mr. Carlson. Tucker is not having an easy time of it. The ratings for his network are way down. People are abandoning ship and there’s nothing he can do about it. Except for perhaps becoming even more of a kook than he already was.

On Monday of this week, Tucker appeared to defend Marjorie Taylor Greene with this seemingly sarcastic comment: “CNN says she has bad opinions therefore she’s the greatest threat we face. Now if you’re skeptical about any of this, our advice is to keep it to yourself. Because free inquiry is dead, unauthorized questions are hate speech.”

Now Tucker’s not a dumb guy, although he sure does a great job of acting like he is. So, we have to assume he is defending Greene to stay on good terms with the Trump crowd.

Only that crowd seems to be dwindling. Many of them are flocking to even more conservative News outlets and after the insurrection, it was widely reported that thousands of Republicans had changed their voter registrations. Tucker is playing for an audience that is getting smaller by the day and is continuing to lose advertisers. If all this continues, there is a good chance that at some point he will wind up having to look at other career options.

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