Ted Cruz is flailing wildly as it all goes wrong for him

Ted Cruz is not the most popular member of the Senate to put it mildly. His repeated sycophantic attempts to stay in Donald Trump’s good graces have made him a laughing stock among Democrats. As for Republicans, many of them are not wild about him either because… well… because he’s Ted Cruz.

Senator Cruz has always had aspirations of running for President and even did so in 2016 to no avail. However, all of this has not deterred Cruz in his continued quest to be the most disliked member of the United States Senate. Just this week he tweeted this gem: “It’s never their own jobs the left wants to destroy, it’s always your job.”

This tweet is obviously nonsensical and only confirms Cruz is flailing wildly. If the Texas Senator really cared about his fellow Americans, his first priority would be working alongside President Biden to get some much needed cash into peoples’ pockets. Instead, he is amusing himself and nobody else, tweeting out silly one liners that have nothing to do with promoting positive change.

Furthermore, Senator Cruz voted against the last stimulus bill so it’s pretty obvious where his priority lies and those priorities are certainly not with the American people.

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