Donald Trump doesn’t know what just hit him in the Russia scandal

Donald Trump spends far more time watching cable news each day than he spends on the presidency. He spends most of it watching Fox News, so we don’t know if he saw Sam Nunberg’s pair of epic on-air meltdowns today on CNN and MSNBC. Even if Trump did happen to tune in for any of it, there’s no way possible for his delusional mind to grasp what it all meant for him, and just how devastatingly bad this day just became for him.

Nunberg is a sometimes Trump adviser, sometimes Trump enemy, who has come across as increasingly unhinged during his television appearances this year. He’s been known to sharply praise and angrily condemn Trump in the same sentence. Trump once sued him for ten million dollars, yet the two appear to still be “friends” in some curious sense of the word. Nunberg’s erraticism has been a liability for Donald Trump all along in the Trump-Russia scandal.

Robert Mueller seems to have picked up on that, as major media reports say that he hauled in Nunberg for questioning roughly a week ago. That apparently didn’t go well, as Mueller then responded by sending Nunberg a grand jury subpoena. When Nunberg received that subpoena, it sent him over the edge. He raced onto television to rant about why he’s not willing to turn over evidence against people like Trump and Roger Stone, even if it means he’ll be arrested for contempt of court. But because Nunberg hates Trump as much as he wants to protect him, he ended up admitting all kinds of things in the process.

At one point Sam Nunberg told MSNBC that he thinks Robert Mueller probably has Donald Trump nailed for having been a part of the Trump-Russia conspiracy during the election. At another point Nunberg told CNN that Trump knew about Donald Trump Jr’s illegal Russia meeting a week before it happened. Somewhere in there Nunberg seemed to incriminate Stone even while defending him, and he also tried to incriminate Carter Page, while also possibly incriminating Steve Bannon. It was that confusingly whacked out. But once Mueller finishes sorting it out, Nunberg may not be the only one who gets arrested as a result of his meltdown today.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report